As we are heading towards the end of the year 2011 and approaching the new 2012; this is the time to audit and evaluate ourselves, business as well as life in generation.

Do you achieve all your set GOALS in 2011?

Did you grow in all aspect of your life as well as business? Or you experienced a decline?

However, it is vital not to lose focus on the bigger picture or should I say take your eyes of the ball of success. Sometimes when you experience certain amount of success, complacency may creep in or if we experience certain amount of failure, we may want to give up. Therefore, I will like to share this vital points to help clarify the need to stay focus and keep your eyes on the ball of success.


If you want to be successful and stay successful, you must learn how to focus. Becoming successful is very hard. You are going to run into many problems and obstacles along the way. Instead of dwelling on all negatives, think about what you want. Think about all the good things you are going to do in life. Keep focused on your goals and never give up. You can never rest no matter how good things are going. Your current “good times” are only a result of the hard work and dedication you have.


If you want to continue being successful, you’ve got to keep doing the things that get you there in the first place. If you let yourself get distracted by all the trappings of success, you are sowing the seeds of your own decline. So never stop focusing on your goals, no matter how successful you are.


It is true that few people are born to be successful. They possess some special talent that makes it easy to succeedè. the gifted musician, the natural athlete, or the talented business person. However, the vast majority of successful people weren’t handed their success on a silver platter. They worked hard for it. They set goals, and stayed focused on their goals until they reached them.
It’s a known fact that some people may coast their way to success because of some special talent or ability that they were born with. However, most of the time you will need to work hard and stay focused to get to the top== and then work even harder to stay there. Then use your determination through the good and tough times to reach your goals and achieve amazing things in your life.

Your Take!

What are you doing to maintain your focus and increase your level of success? Please, Share your views and comment!

To Your Ultimate Success,

Kenny Olowu


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Kenny Olowu is a young and success driven entrepreneur! He loves to connect and network with like minded people. He enjoys teaching and helping others to succeed He love people who like to achieve great things and build a great team of LEADERS. You can connect with me to know more about what i do on Facebook and Twitter

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kenny olowu

Kenny Olowu is a young and success driven entrepreneur! He loves to connect and network with like minded people. He enjoys teaching and helping others to succeed He love people who like to achieve great things and build a great team of LEADERS. You can connect with me to know more about what i do on Facebook and Twitter


  • Tara Walker

    December 6, 2011

    So true, Kenny. This is a good lesson to learn. Because many people are not “hard-wired” to stay focused against all of the obstacles. The obstacles can distract us or make us doubt. So the ability to stay focused is imperative in order to become successful.

    • kenny Olowu

      December 7, 2011

      Hi Tara, that’s a great point. It’s very sad how easily some people can easily give up on what matters to them most “their Dreams” just because of challenges. Just like Donald Trump had pointed out that the level of success we achieve in life is proportionate to the level of challenges we can overcome. The mightier the challenge you overcome, the more successful you will be and even famous.

      I love this analogy by Antony Robbins where he was describing how every problem is our vehicle to achieve greatness, he said ” most people who ignore problems, are same as when you fail to acknowledge that there is a weed growing up in your garden. Apparently, the weeds will destroy your garden and may even be harder to remove. Same as problems, we must anticipate problems and solve them as soon as we perceive their presence. Unfortunately, most people wait until the problem is huge and they can not solve it, they quit. Moreover, pretending a problem does not exist can affect our level of focus too…

      Thanks Tara for your lovely and valuable contribution. I appreciate you.

      Kindest regards,

  • Giles Wells III

    December 7, 2011

    Hey Kenny,

    Being focused is definitely the key to success.

    I recently watched a video by Tony Robins about how how just a few millimeters can change the whole success formula.

    So to anyone reading this, if your struggling right now in your life or business, Stay Focused!

    Your only a few millimeters away from figuring it out.

    Awesome post Kenny, thanks for sharing this with us.
    Giles Wells III

    • kenny Olowu

      December 7, 2011

      Hi Gilles,
      That was a great reference to pin down a valuable advice! Focus is KEY. In most cases, most quitters are always few millimeters away for achieving success at the point of them quitting. This often happens when the going gets toughest/ it pain most. So we must learn to develop a power mental stamina and stay focus by keeping our eyes on the ball (goal to be achieved).

      Thanks for sharing your valuable insight! you are well appreciated… Kindest regards,

  • Viola Tam

    December 7, 2011

    Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for bringing up this STAYED FOCUSED issue. I am sharing with you what made me focused — it is my strong desire to help others and see them succeed (so that they can break from the abusive relationship, stop worrying about their financial future, have a realistic schedule for a comfortable retirement, having a much more meaningful life, etc).

    As Brett McFall teaches many of his internet marketing students, FOCUSING ON THE END GOAL is a very effective way to move forward. His ‘perfect as you go’ idea is one that can help anyone. One small step at a time and keep the focus.

    Another thing he teaches – whenever your mind comes up with this question: “What if it doesn’t work?”, counteract that immediately with “What if it does?”. I believe that can be of help for many people.

    Viola Tam

    • kenny Olowu

      December 7, 2011

      Thanks Viola,
      Those are valuable tips and advices on how to keep focused till the end especially eliminating one’s doubt is crucial to us achieving success. So as yourself, what if it works is a great one. We must always believe in ourselves and act on our plan to succeed.

      I also love your mission statement which I believe is a fuel that will surely move us in achieving our purpose.

      Thanks Viola Tam for your great insight.

      kindest Regards,
      Kenny Olowu

  • Lawrence Bergfeld

    December 7, 2011

    This is a great article Kenny. You have to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. There is an old saying that there is no such a thing as something for nothing. You have to put in the effort to make it work. If something is not working be flexible and make adjustments. And avoid waiting until you get the right answer, because if you wait too long you will have missed the opportunity for success.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    • kenny olowu

      December 8, 2011

      thanks Lawrence for valuable and insightful contribution; no pain no gain. I hope to see u more often and connect together.

      kindest regards,


  • Radu

    December 20, 2011

    Hey Kenny,
    Great insight here. The way you focus on life or business determines your results. However, the power of focus is a double edged sword..if you focus only on the final result saying “when I’ll have that I’ll be happy” you live an you can be happy..everything starts with the quality of this improving every task you perform you change your future as well. Go for your goals and dreams with all your heart but stay in the moment and enjoy whatever comes. Thus we can live our lives with more intensity and..meaning.
    Thanks Kenny for sharing your vision:) Keep focusing on success!

    All the best,

    • kenny olowu

      December 28, 2011

      Thanks Radu for your wonderful wisdom! Compliments of the seasons! My great friend and mentor!!