The Keys To Open The Door to Inevitable Business Success and Knock out your failures

The three keys that can turn your past business failures to Instant success.

Are you currently a broke entrepreneur with no result in to show for all your hard works?
Have you failed several times trying different business opportunities but to no breakthrough?
Have you being longing and imagine what it feels like to be successful? or
wondering what the road map to success in your business or life will come to you?

Never mind as I will discuss the 3 vital keys to inevitable success in your business in this post but before we go ahead to the 3 vital keys to your business success, I want you to realize that all your past failed attempts in breakthrough to success must be seen as a lesson learned for you to gather experience and be wise in become a better entrepreneur or whatever your career pursuit may be. Always remember that every failed attempt you might have made up till this moment of reading this post is a step closer to your breakthrough and i strongly believe that you are very close to your breakthrough than you think. You must also remember that your past failures will also make you to appreciate every success that comes your way from now on.

Now back to the 3 Keys to Inevitable Success in your business and career;

1. Opportunity: This is key to every business on the planet, if there is no chance of success in such business then there is no way one can succeed in such business. I must confess that most of us are exposed to several thousands of opportunities but few of us take advantage of such opportunity; it may be offline or online. I am not going to be bombarding you with names of opportunities, but there are tons of them.we just have to look for the right ones and establish ourselves to make it happen. The problem is majority of us failed to recognize these opportunities which means they will never make it to become successful. while some recognize opportunities but never take advantage of them due to their fear of failure, laziness, inertia or even excuses of lack of capital and looking for get rich quick schemes to make it to success. It does not work like that.Tips to identify a potential money making opportunity is to check

      1. ==>> if there is demand for such opportunity; this means that are there people suffering from certain kind of problem who can pay for anything that can get them out of such problem. The problem may be economical, financial, education, wealth, health or beauty even entertainment.
      2. ==>> Next is to look for solutions to such problem, are there enough solutions to such problems, if there are few unique solutions to such problem then, that is a very good opportunity. these solutions can also be known as supply in economics. I will be posting practical ways of identifying demand and supply soon.
      3. ==>> Compare the demand ( number of people with such problems) and the supply (number of people supplying a unique solution to such problems). if demand is more than supply, then that is a promising and profitable opportunity that you can dwell in. This formula can be used to choose a good business opportunity either MLM, or other kinds of business.
        WARNING: Ensure to choose your opportunity carefully and wisely!

2. KNOWLEDGE: Once you have chosen your profitable business opportunity, the crucial part of your business is acquiring the relevant skills and knowledge. You must understand your business in and out; all the fundamentals and be clear in your in head that you know exactly how your cash flow will operate. I will reference the legendary business mentor and teacher Robert Kiyosaki’s formula which stated thus

“Never invest in anything until you are clear when the positive cash flow will start, where it will come from and how much it will be?” these are vital information and knowledge you must acquire to succeed in any opportunity. You must understand how exactly the mission of your business, how it operates and when the rewards will come.”

It is amazing how so many people in business don’t know what they are getting themselves into and subsequently give up. You must be clear what you are getting yourself into and be creative in bringing success out of it!The fact is most business opportunity are real and works but majority of people do not have the clear and relevant knowledge of how such opportunities can work for them! Ensure to invest in the relevant knowledge to catapult you to success in your business.

3. Action: The first two keys will not guarantee success without the third action, once you have the right opportunity and the relevant knowledge, it is essential to apply what you know. I will put it this way; the formula for inevitable success is to apply the right and relevant knowledge in the right business opportunity. This formula will guarantee you endless success.The real problem is majority of people who fail in business and life refuse to acknowledge these 3 keys to endless success, they all work hand in hand. if you  have knowledge and don’t apply it, you will never get success and also if you apply knowledge in a poor opportunity , your chances of achieving success against the odds(competition) is slim. Always remember, find the right opportunity, acquire and apply the relevant knowledge and skills in such opportunity and you will be unstoppable.

If I may add one more thing, never give up if you fail…you must always find a way to improve yourself and business by hunting for more relevant knowledge that will grow your business and implementing them, that way you will be unstoppable in achieving the very success you’ve always wanted.

To Your Success,

Kenny Olowu
the Success and Wealth Master
Connect with me skype @olosko2011

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Kenny Olowu is a young and success driven entrepreneur! He loves to connect and network with like minded people. He enjoys teaching and helping others to succeed He love people who like to achieve great things and build a great team of LEADERS. You can connect with me to know more about what i do on Facebook and Twitter

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kenny olowu

Kenny Olowu is a young and success driven entrepreneur! He loves to connect and network with like minded people. He enjoys teaching and helping others to succeed He love people who like to achieve great things and build a great team of LEADERS. You can connect with me to know more about what i do on Facebook and Twitter


  • Ryan Biddulph

    November 5, 2011

    Simple and powerful steps Kenny!

    Take action. Daily. The more I move into effective acts, the more my home opp grows. Of course, you need to experiment a bit, but the only way to figure out what works, is to fail/act yourself into the strategy.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • kenny olowu

      November 7, 2011

      Thanks Ryan,
      I absolutely concur to your comment, we must always continue in our pursuit of growth by taking daily consistent and progressive actions in making our dreams come true. Through taking massive actions on our goal is the only way that we will know what works and what doesn’t, which we can always adjust to progressively improve and get the right result.. This is how experience and wisdom are created..

      Thanks for your lovely comments.

      kindest regards,

  • Radu

    November 5, 2011

    Hey Kenny,
    Nice post buddy.
    Find the company which resonates with you and your values. If you don’t have it yet keep looking. Have the goals in your head and make from “action” your best friend. Some of it will be without a clear result but hey, that part of the growth process. Act, test, keep what works and move on.
    When things are hard in the business remember what Harv Ecker said: if you’re willing to do what is hard,life will be easy but if you only what is easy life will be hard.

    Thanks for this post. You do a great job:)

    • kenny olowu

      November 6, 2011

      Thanks Radu, for you wonderful and insightful comments, I always enjoy and respect your comments. I totally agree with all what you said, find the right business opps, acquire the relevant knowledge and act by working hard.. Also love that beautiful comment by Harv Ecker…
      Cheers Radu for your support and lovely comments.
      Thanks and best regards,