What Really is Internet marketing?

I have always being asked by friends about what internet marketing is all about? How can I make money online? Is this really true or it is just a way of scamming people?….bla bla bla!
Have you ever asked this kind of questions or wonder what the heck is internet marketing? probably you have come across some adverts or information about making money online? I believe all these kinds of questions are normal especially if you do not know what what internet marketing is all about.Don’t worry as I will try to break it down so you can understand it.


Internet marketing as a branch of marketing is simply defined as the means of marketing or promoting your products and services to the public or customers via internet technologies. Just like we are all aware of the term commerce which simply is buying and selling of goods and services. since the turn of the millenium, technologies have changed the way we live such as social media, online chat etc. This is same for commerce and marketing thanks to google, people can search for information, products and services very easily without leaving their comfortable home. Normally, if we want or need anything we will have to leave our house and go to the mall or market to get what we want to buy, this is means is referred to as offline commerce. in the same context, when you are out shopping for goods and services off the street or just walking,I bet you must have seen adverts or billboards, people distributing pamphlets or flyers even people shouting with a loud microphone depending on which part of the world you are from, every shop we see, there are always sign boards or bill boards attracting us to such stores, we go in the shop and we may buy what we want to buy. This is what we term as OFFLINE MARKETING. The beautiful designs of the store or sign boards attracted us to go in and we might likely buy something.
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I believe you must be catching the what internet marketing is all about? just like offline businesses on our high street, now imagine the internet as a community or society where people meet and interact in every form of ways, finding informations to socialising. The internet is a big community where millions of activities take place every single day. So, businesess are now selling their products and services using internet technologies which is why it is refferred to as online marketing. such business can be called an online business. Learn more about Internet marketing

Internet marketing is a huge subject area, I will online try to differentiate it from offline marketing

Wondering which marketing method is best for your business? There are two ways you can go: the traditional way or the contemporary way. The traditional way is offline marketing, the use of methods and tools like print, television, radio, seminar, and others. Meanwhile, the contemporary way is online marketing, the use of the internet and cyber technology. Online vs. offline marketing: which is better and which provides the best result? Let’s take a look at the following:


Both types of marketing involve cheap and expensive methods alike.

a. Online marketing

Cheap: Putting up a blog, joining forums, and commenting in others’ blogs to spread the word about your site or business.

Expensive: Paying for a domain, plus engaging in search engine optimization programs like Pay-Per-Click, link building, and others.

b. Offline marketing

Cheap: The use and distribution of flyers and leaflets.

Expensive: Paying ad space for newspapers and magazines, as well as air time for television and radio networks.


There is much argument between the offline marketing and the online marketing side when it comes to audience or customer coverage. But, offline vs. online marketing—which marketing type really provides a business or site more exposure? Well, take a look at the advantages of both:

a. Online marketing

• There’s a lot of free space in the cyber world for business exposure, and millions of people browse the internet everyday. By advertising online through banners and other marketing means, as well as by putting up an online site, you reach people on a global level.

b. Offline marketing

• Marketing offline may not reach a global level as much as online marketing, but it is advantageous in such a way that it covers more number of people in a particular targeted area. Why? Well, the biggest reason is that it is accessed by a wider group of people compared to the internet, which is usually accessed more only by the younger generations.

Customer Relationship

When it comes to dealing with customers, there is a great mark of difference between online and offline marketing, as follows:

a. Online marketing

• Everything about the company or the product is presented in a website and online catalog. However, many customers are doubly cautious when it comes to doing transactions and shopping in online sites because of the many cases of fraud and identity theft that are happening in the internet. This causes people to doubt the authenticity of online businesses, even those that are legal in reality.

b. Offline marketing

• This type of marketing provides a great advantage when it comes to establishing a good relationship with customers. More people trust advertisements found in newspapers or television stations that they rely on. And when you market your site or business through such offline marketing methods as seminars and workshops, you’ll be able to show your expertise in your field among the participants. And, the word of mouth that results can be a very good asset to boost your business.
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So, online vs. offline marketing—which is better? The best way is to actually combine both, picking the most effective methods from the two to get the most benefits.

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Thank you.

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Kenny Olowu is a young and success driven entrepreneur! He loves to connect and network with like minded people. He enjoys teaching and helping others to succeed He love people who like to achieve great things and build a great team of LEADERS. You can connect with me to know more about what i do on Facebook and Twitter

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