Why You Must Treat Your MLM Busness Like a Talent Show To Achieve Endless Success

Why you must treat your Business Like a Talent Show

Have you ever wondered you are struggling to build your MLM business to a higher level?

Have you being finding it hard to recruit the right people and why your downline seems to be filled with inactive members?

Have you wondered why you are yet to make any money from your MLM business?

These questions can be answered simply in this manner, it is basically the way to approach your business and the mindset behind it. I will share the wrong mindset/perspectives and then discuss about the right perspective that network marketers must develop to drive their business to instant success….



From my observations, it is quite amazing that network marketers have some ridiculous perceptions about their business, I mean the wrong perceptions. Some people treat is like a get rich quick scheme, some as a job where they are expected to get paid monthly while some just think that network marketing is just about recruiting anybody just to make the monthly commissions. Like I said earlier, these are just my own observations which I believe is absolutely true because i see these kinds of networkers regularly. The bad news is this kind of perception about your MLM business can be suicidal to your success and may not guarantee your long term success. I strongly believe the number one reason most people do not have huge regards for the potentials of the MLM business and failed to treat it like a serious business is;

(1) the low cost start-up capital of starting an MLM business compared to starting others of business
(2) No Large Inventory is needed
(3) You did not manufacture the product yourself.

This kind of perception is dangerous to the success of any MLM business, because, people get so desperate to recruit just anybody to make commissions…. This must be stopped, if we are to succeed just like the top earners in the industry.

Now here are the ways to treat your MLM business…

The Right Perception! (Recruit The Right People to your MLM business Just Like a Talent Show)

Have you ever watched a talent show such as the Apprentice, X-factor, American Idol or Britain got Talents? One thing is common in these shows , the judges are looking for the best of the best. They are not looking to settle for mediocrity, they are looking for people who have the raw desire to improve and work hard on their talents to become a superstar. My favourite judges are X-factor’s judge Simon Cowwell, Apprentice stars Sir Alan Sugar (UK) and the wonderful Donald Trump (US). The only quality these guys have in common is they know how to drill and spot out crude superstars.

This is the way every network marketer should treat their businesses just like a talent show, we must not be scared to disqualify people who do not have the right qualities required take your business to the next level. These are what you should be considering when recruiting people to join your team;

  1. You must focus recruiting people who have the potentials to be leaders, they must have the mentality of a leader. you must be dedicated in creating leaders and not followers. You must be aware also that in the process of creating leaders, it will be impossible to avoid creating followers as well. So you must be very flexible, but know exactly who can help move your business to greater height.
  2. You must look for people who have visions and innovative
  3. You must look if they have a positive mental attitude
  4. You must ensure that they are willing to learn new skills and adaptive to change.
  5. They must be problem solvers ( loyal and love facing challenges)
  6. They must enjoy helping others and building a team.

So, it is essential that you start adopting the X-factor style in your business and you will see the increase in the quality of prospect you bring into your business.
One big advantage of  this style of recruiting prospect is that it will position you in the driving seat, they will realise that you don’t need them but that they need you to help them achieve their goal in life.  You must always remember that positioning is key in getting the right people in your business.

CAUTION: Sometimes its hard to spot these qualities as some people fake it but you know their true colours when challenges come. Its better to just follow your instincts.

Your turn!
If you have being using this X-factor style of recruitment in your business, please share how it has impacted your business in the comment box!

If you want to learn more on how to implement this style of building and recruiting the right people into your business. please click here for these FREE Video series that will teach you exactly how…. 

To Your Success,
Kenny Olowu.
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Kenny Olowu is a young and success driven entrepreneur! He loves to connect and network with like minded people. He enjoys teaching and helping others to succeed He love people who like to achieve great things and build a great team of LEADERS. You can connect with me to know more about what i do on Facebook and Twitter

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About The Author

kenny olowu

Kenny Olowu is a young and success driven entrepreneur! He loves to connect and network with like minded people. He enjoys teaching and helping others to succeed He love people who like to achieve great things and build a great team of LEADERS. You can connect with me to know more about what i do on Facebook and Twitter


  • Viola Tam

    November 17, 2011

    Hi, Kenny,

    I love this post! Full of important tips and humor!

    I particularly like your caution about fake leaders. I remember many trainers talk about posture. Some people may fake the posture which is absolutely required in order that they can attract potential leaders. Unfortunately, their “true colours” will be exposed when “challenges come”. Very true!

    The ONLY way to have posture is TO BE that leader with the posture. How? By going through the process of doing network marketing like the winners of the talent shows! They practised, practised, practised … nnnnnnnnn… practised until they are GREAT at what they do.

    Viola Tam

    • kenny olowu

      November 18, 2011

      Awesome comment,
      The desire to consistently learning new skills, as well as implementing to get the required the result. There is no pint faking your posture, you just have to be determined for a change because is instant, its the ability to act different or you can willingness to try something that is new and master it. Like you said practse, practise… until you become a master at it.

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful and valuable comments..

      Kindest Regards,


  • Radu

    November 17, 2011

    Hey Kenny,
    I luv this analogy with a talent show…never thought of it but you’re right buddy. In this “big MLM garden” you will want to plant quality seeds and not weeds. Btw, I watched with much interest the apprentice, both in the UK and US. Many things to learn from there.

    We want to work with people, not who have the greatest skills and background in the world but who have big goals/visions and are willing to make them possible whatever it takes. This “intuition” for finding the “stars” is developed in time. I’m making progress with it :)
    As you said it’s easy to make the selection: the test of time and persistence in spite of challenges.

    Thank you for sharing these nice insights. Keep going my friend. I like your commitment.


    • kenny olowu

      November 18, 2011

      Hello Radu,
      I love the way your painted this concept of MLM garden, “we have to plant quality seed and not weeds”. I think that’s powerful!
      I am a lover of the Apprentice too, I believe there are loads of lessons to learn from there.

      It is highly important to focus of quality rather than quantity, from my experience so far the quality prospects are more easy to deal and work with than the poor ones.

      Thanks for sharing your valuable insights.. you are well appreciated Radu! Keep up the good work my friend…..

      kindest Regards,


  • Rieke

    November 18, 2011

    Hi Kenny,

    you really hit it with your post about “Why you must treat your business as a Talent Show”. As an MLM Marketer it is important to look and listen to the person in front of you. And you really figured it out when you talk about the “Right Perception”.

    To my opinion the strongest and best person in a MLM company is the one who really desires with every nerve of his body to become successful.
    If there is not this burning desire in a person it will be difficult to have a great success. This burning desire expresses for the people around you the passion you feel for your work.

    The other qualifications are useful when they are already with a person. But you still can learn them :) – This is the beauty of Network Marketing or MLM that you are WORKING together and GROW together (personally and economically).

    Thanks for posting this wonderful article and enjoy a great day.

    • kenny olowu

      November 18, 2011

      Thanks Reike for your valuable and insightful view, keeping the right perceptions is key to success in network marketing… O yes!

      kindest regards,

      kenny Olowu

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